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Doncaster is a comparatively densely populated eastern suburb of Melbourne with 18,359 people. It is located 14 km away from Melbourne CBD. This suburb comprises of a large Chinese community, which makes 10.7% of its total population. Doncaster, locally known as “Donny” has a population that largely works in the retail sector, closely followed by administrative and clerical roles.

The first ever, electric tram of Melbourne, ran in Doncaster in 1889. However, due to feuds with landholders and financial issues, the route was closed in 1896. Main Street was the former name of the main road that runs through the suburb, now known as Doncaster Road.

The central area of Doncaster is located on top of a 120 m high hill, which is called the Doncaster Hill. National Car and Truck Rental suggests renting a car and driving down to the Mornington Peninsula because Doncaster is seamlessly connected via Eastlink and offers easy access to Mornington. Doncaster is just a 12-minute drive from Melbourne CBD and the border of the suburb follows the Koonung creek, another great spot to drive down and enjoy the sunset.

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A Smartbus service runs to Altona from Mordialloc, passing through Doncaster. Also including several new bus routes to get to the surrounding areas, Doncaster provides residents with a Park and Ride facility at the Doncaster Road crossing of the Eastern Freeway. Future plans include extending the Tram Route 48 to Doncaster.

Even though this suburb has no rail service, it has great connectivity via buses. Home to the Aussie Rules football team, Doncaster Sharks, this suburb also actively participates in other sports such as cricket and tennis. The history of Doncaster has been that of low occupancy. However, in recent times has been transformed into an apartment and retail hub. It is seeing the rise of many new projects as its popularity is boomed mainly in the Chinese and Indonesian circles of developers and investors. Westfield Doncaster was built in 1969, and has undergone dramatic renovations and improvements, making it one of Australia’s largest shopping centres.