Holiday with your family and friends?

Minimise wear and tear of your personal vehicle:
Travelling long distances in your personal vehicle usually leads to excessive wear and tear. It also means having to service and clean your vehicle before and after the journey. However, renting a car lets us worry about all of that, while you plan out your trip and travel freely. All our rental cars and vans are tested and serviced by certified professionals before passing it on to new customers, and also come included with RACV roadside assistance.

Large groups and families:
Don’t let the size of your car determine how many of your friends and loved ones you can take along with you. At National Car and Truck Rental, we offer vans that can accommodate large groups of people with ease and comfort. Tested and serviced by professionals, our vans also come with comprehensive RACV Roadside assistance.

Ideal vacation:
Car rentals for vacationing not only offer peace of mind, but also gives freedom. Having a car at your disposal means no more tour guides to tell you how long your stops can be. Travel at your own pace while taking in the scenery from the comfort of your own ride. And don’t worry about getting lost because we can also provide new and updated satellite navigation systems, which will lead the way to a great vacation and show you the way back home.

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