Moving goods?

Renting your own vehicle for moving goods can be beneficial in many ways. At National Car and Truck Rental, we understand the diverse needs of our customers. From making a delivery to moving to your new home, our vans and lighter trucks can be relied upon to get your job done.

Why pay extra costs for professional removalists when you can do the loading and unloading by yourself? Renting a car, van or truck as per your needs, also offers the convenience of making multiple trips at your own pace. While all your goods are in sight, you can be assured of their safety and ensure that no damage is done in transit. We follow a strict no hidden cost policy, which means that no surprises wait for you on the other side of the transaction.

At National Car and Truck Rental, we also provide chauffer driven cars, vans and large or light trucks. Larger trucks require an official license and the expertise that our drivers have gained over the years. So you can carry on going about your daily activities, while we ensure that your goods make it there safely and in good time.

Rest assured, you can carry on bravely into your adventure without having to worry about a break down. Our vehicles are serviced and tested before every transaction with customers. And if that does not ease your senses, each van comes included with comprehensive RACV roadside assistance, which means you won’t be left stranded if something does end up happening on the road.

Hiring a van, truck or car from National Car and Truck Rental is truly multi purposeful, whether you want to go shop for some new furniture or spend time with your closest mates, our vans won’t let you down.

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